I Get The Blues
Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians 1928
  (Pairs 'N Squares 802)   Don Armstrong


Walk all around your corner, see saw around your own
Then allemande left your corner, go on back home
Now box the gnat, the girls star left the gents stand pat
Then box the gnat, the gents star left the gals stand pat
Now when you meet grand right & left around
A hand over hand around that town
Dosado around your girl, promenade that world
I get the blues when it rains

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

And now the heads (sides) star right to your corners go
Take them along with an arm around, star promenade
Now you back out with a full turn, all join hands
Circle to the left go round that land
The men square thru all the way around
Dosado that gal you found
Promenade her round that ring, home you go and swing
I get the blues when it rains

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