Dominique   (Pioneer 113)   Mike Trombly

Walk around the corner girl, then see saw your own
All join hands, circle left
Allemande the corner girl, dosado around your own
Four boys make a left hand star
Turn your partner by the right, then the corner allemande
Come on back, dosado, then promenade the land
*How I love to sing, sing the song of Dominique
Why not sing along with me

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

1 & 3 lead to the right, circle four and make a line
Move up to the middle and back
Pass thru, wheel & deal, do a double pass thru
First two left, next two right
Square thru 4 hands around, that corner lady swing
You swing that girl around and promenade the ring
*Le père y chantait, Dominique y chantait
Il chantait tous les jours


Il chantait tous les jours

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