Rodeo Romeo
Moe Bandy 1981
  (Stampede 701)   John Hicks


Sides face, grand square
He'll dust off his hat and clean out his old pickup truck
Well he's going playin' when he should be prayin' for luck

Circle left
For tomorrow he's riding the meanest bull you'll ever see
Allemande left and you promenade
But tonight he'll forget all about it
He's heading for some cowgirls dreams

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Well those heads square thru in the middle and get 4 hands you go
Round that corner dosado
Swing thru tonight, boys run right and ferris wheel
Centers pass thru, you touch 1/4
Scoot back go boys, scoot back with the girls
Swing that corner and you promenade
He's burning both ends of the candle
Rodeo Romeo style

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