Get Me To The Dance   (Scope 542)   John Winton
FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Circle left
I'm getting married in the morning
Ding dong the bells are going to chime

Walk all round your corner, see saw round your lady
Men star right one time
Turn partner left why she's so pretty (once and a half)
Four ladies chain across the town
Heads lead to the right, circle to a line
Lines of four go up and back with you
Go right & left thru, slide thru, dosado
Full around and then you do a spin chain thru
Girls double circulate in the morning
Girls turn back and couples promenade
*We've got to hurry, you know how mothers worry
Well, get me to the dance on time


*Now kick up a rumpus, but don't lose the compass

*It's going to be a whopper so pull out the stopper

*Girls come and kiss me, show me how you'll miss me


Get me to the dance, get me to the dance
For Pete's sake, get me to the dance on time

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