Vive Le Compagnie
  (Top 25372)   Bob Howell


All join hands and circle to the left, go all the way around
Circle right, go the other way back
All dosado partners
All swing partner
Promenade partners all the way around the set to home
(All turn to face partners upon arriving at home)
Join both hands


(1-4) Heel, toe and in you go (With the foot closest the center of set do a heel-toe and then step-close-step towards the center of the set.)
(5-8) Heel, toe go out (With foot nearest the wall reverse the above action.)
(9-12) Heel, toe and in you go (Repeat the action of counts 1-4.)
(13-16) Heel toe, just the ladies move out (Touch heel and toe of the outside foot to the floor and as the lady moves out, the gent takes 3 steps in place. All the gents are on the inside of the set facing counter-clockwise, while the ladies have moved out all facing clockwise.)
(17-32) All promenade forward (Gents progressing on the inside circle while ladies promenade around the outside of the set.)
(33-40) With your partner dosado (All meet partners at home and dosado right shoulders around.)
(41-48) Swing your corner lady (All swing a new corner.)
(49-64) Promenade that corner home (Gents return to home with a new partner. When they arrive at home they face one another to begin the heel and toe routine again.)

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