Love You More Than I Can Say
The Crickets; Bobby Vee; others 1959
  (Pioneer 137)   Brian Hotchkies


Four ladies chain across the ring now
You rollaway, circle to the left then
Four ladies rollaway and circle
Allemande left and weave the ring
Well, I love you little darlin'
Swing your girl and promenade now
You promenade and tell your lady
I love you more than I can say

FIGURE    Plus, corner progression

The heads square thru four hands you go
Meet your corner, touch 1/4, scoot back
Boys run to the right, then do the right & left thru
Put her in the lead, dixie style, fan the top
Then do a left square thru go 3 hands
Corner swing now
You promenade your little darling
I love you more than I can say

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