Heart Broke
  (Quadrille 819)   Romney Tannehill


Circle left
*Well who wouldn't notice the fire in your eyes
For the bitter direction of impending goodbyes

Left allemande, dosado
Men star left, turn thru
Left allemande, swing and promenade
You got your heart broke
Don't give up in believing in me
Heart broke

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

Four ladies chain 3/4 around
Head couples promenade halfway around
Come down the middle and square thru four hands
Four hands around, do the right & left thru
C'mon and pass thru, trade by, left allemande
Swing your girl and promenade that land
And you got your heart broke
You go running from the reason
You got your heart broke


*I'm falling, I'm folded, I'm well good
I'm well good in place at the sight of you
Standing with streaks down your face

*But all is not lost, it is only mistaken
A small consolation, but I know just how it feels


Swing 'em
You got your heart broke

Music -- https://www.ceder.net/recorddb/viewsingle.php?RecordId=12989