Give My Regards To Broadway
James Cagney; Judy Garland; Al Jolson 1904
  (Scope 606)   Bill Donahue


All four ladies chain, go straight across the ring
Heads square thru and count to four
Go all the way around and then you circle four
Head gents break and make a line
Move up and back once more
Pass thru and wheel & deal
Centers pass thru, left allemande
Come back one and promenade
And give my regards to old Broadway
Tell them that I'll soon be there

FIGURE    A1, R-H lady progression

1st and 3rd let's promenade, one-half way round the floor
Come down the middle and do the right & left thru
Turn 1/4 more
Step forward, make a two-faced line
Ferris wheel and wheel 'em round in time
Centers swing thru, turn thru, left allemande
Walk by one, turn the next one right
Why don't you promenade to
Old Broadway and tell them
That I'll soon be there

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