I'm Little But I'm Loud
Little Jimmy Dickens; Martina McBride 1969
  (Tarheel 148)   Chuck Mashburn


Four men promenade one time inside the ring
Get back home and then you swing
Join hands and circle to the left go walking 'round
Left allemande that corner, weave that ring
I'm little but I'm loud, I'm poor but I'm proud
Swing your girl and promenade
I'm like a banty rooster, in a big red rooster crowd
I'm puny, short and little, but I'm loud

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

The heads (sides) star thru, pass thru, circle to a line
Pass thru with a wheel & deal and then
The centers star thru and pass thru
Cloverleaf out behind the others
Square thru 3, three hands and then
Swing that corner girl, promenade
I'm like a banty rooster in a big red rooster crowd
I'm puny short and little but I'm loud


Bow to the partner and the corner too

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