Shanty Town
Ted Lewis and His Band; Johnny Long; many others 1932
  (Scope 644)   Don Pfister


All join hands and circle left to old Shanty Town
The roof is so slanted it touches the ground

Left allemande the corner, turn the partner right
The men star by the left and you turn it round the ring
Turn thru when you meet the partner, go left allemande
Swing with the partner, promenade around the land
There's a queen waitin' there with her silvery hair
At a shanty in old Shanty Town

FIGURE    C4, R-H lady progression

Head two pair do the right & left thru and then you rollaway
Move up to the middle and back, star thru there I say
Do a dosado the corner and then you curlique
Scoot back go two by two and the boys run around the girl
Square thru 3/4 and you go left allemande
Walk by one, swing the next and promenade
There's a queen waitin' there with her silvery hair
At a shanty in old Shanty Town


Sides face grand spin
There's a shanty in the town by a little plot of ground
Where the green grass goes all around and around
And it looks so worn, so badly town, it tumbles to the ground
Just a tumble down shack, by the old railroad track
Like a millionaire's mansion, keeps calling me back
I'd be just as sassy as Hallie Selasie, if it were a king wouldn't mean a thing
Put your boots on tall, see the writing on the wall
Wouldn't mean a thing, not a doggone thing
There's a queen waiting there in a rocking chair
Just blowing her top on a can of beer
And a working on down and a trucking on down
I gotta get back to my Shanty Town


My shanty in old Shanty Town

(Note: Before using the optional closer please make sure that your
dancers can do the Grand Spin without the benefit of the "Grand Colonel
Spin" music. Many dancers equate the two and will not separate them.)

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