Roses And Thorns
Jeannie C. Riley 1971
  (Scope 585)   Earl Rich


Sides face grand square
*There are the roses, and there are the thorns
There's time for happiness, and there's time to mourn

Left allemande and weave the ring
**There time to love and when love has faded and worn
Dosado and promenade
***Instead of the roses, there are the thorns


*Once there was spring and the flowers were gentle and sweet
I inhaled the goodness of love and my life was complete

**I reached for the rose and its petals were brushed by my touch

***I hurt your heart and the thorns are now hurting too much

*Roses and thorns, so close together they grow
There's madness and sadness, emotions that everyone knows

**When there is one, the other can't be far behind

***And the stem with the thorn is all mine

FIGURE    C4, corner progression

1 & 3 (2 & 4) pass thru, separate around one, make a line
Walk up to the middle and back
Curlique and then all eight circulate two times around
Boys run right, substitute
Square thru 3 hands, that corner swing and promenade
Oh, oh, instead of the roses, there are the thorns


Bow to the partner, bow to the corner

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