Grandfather's Clock
Tom Roush; Burl Ives; others 1876
  (Old Timer 8153)   Vern Harris


1 & 3 (2 & 4) swing your girl, then go forward up and back
Forward up and there you do a right & left thru
Turn your girl, pass back thru, separate go round two
Into the middle and you do a dixie chain
Girls go left, gents go right, allemande left with all your might
Meet your partner, take her hand and promenade
Promenade go round that set, old Grandfather's not through yet
So you stop at home and swing there with your maid
Then you walk around your corner girl, see saw your own little pearl
Then you swing that girl and give her a pretty smile
Take her hand, then we'll go another mile

FIGURE    Basic, no progression

1 & 3 (2 & 4) pass on thru, separate go round two
Into the middle and there you make a right hand star
Turn that star round the land, corners all left allemande
Meet your partner, dosado and promenade
Keep on walking round that world, gents roll in a left face whirl
Promenade your corner lady round the land
Gents roll back just once again, she's your opposite lady, man
Take her home and swing her round, don't be afraid
Four ladies chain a grand chain four, and meet your man and swing some more
And allemande left your corners one and all
Partner right hand round and listen to the call

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