Listen To A Country Song
Loggins and Messina; Lynn Anderson 1971
  (Windsor 5008)   Dick Hoffman


Join your hands, and circle left you go
All the way around that ring
Allemande left like a daisy chain
Forward two and turn back one
Everybody start moving
To the sound of the guitar strum
Let yourself go and have a really good time

Promenade to a country song

FIGURE    Mainstream, unknown progression

Allemande that corner, dosado your own
Now promenade around that ring
1 & 3 (2 & 4) wheel around, flutter wheel and then
Star thru and eight chain thru
Everybody start moving
To the beat of the rhythm and drums

Swing that corner, promenade her home
And listen to a country song


Why don't you swing her to a country song

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