Comin' Round The Mountain / Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight
Henry Whitter; John Denver; Pete Seeger; many others 1899
  (Windsor 4415 side A)   Doc Alumbaugh, Bruce Johnson

OPENER    Basic

Oh you honor to your partners, and to your corners all
All join hands and circle, to the left around the hall
Reverse back, go single file, when you're home you swing a while
Swing that mountain gal and watch her smile

FIGURE    Basic, R-H lady progression

Oh, the head couples ladies chain, side couples swing
Chain 'em around the mountain, chain 'em home
Oh, the side couples ladies chain, head couples swing again
Chain 'em around the mountain, chain 'em home
Now you allemande left your corner, pass on by your partner
Swing that little lady on your right
Now promenade that lady fair, all the way back home from there
Promenade the mountain, promenade

BREAK    Basic

Then you allemande left that corner, and a grand ol' right & left
When you meet your partner, just promenade the set
Don't you worry, don't you fret, judgment day ain't comin' yet
Promenade the mountain, promenade

(Repeat FIGURE and BREAK three times)

CLOSER    Basic

Now honor to your partner, and to your corners all
Now your right hand lady, then the one across the hall
Dosado your corners all, go back home and swing with ma
Swing your mountain gal and thank you, gents...that's all!

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