I Like You   (MacGregor 2305)   Brian Hotchkies

All four ladies chain across, turn a little girl and then
Roll away, circle to the left
Four ladies roll away, circle to the left again
Allemande left your corner, weave the ring
I, I, I, I, I, I like you very much
Dosado your girl and promenade
Si, si, si, si senorita, I think I fall in love
And when I fall, I think I fall for you

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads do the right & left thru, turn a little girl in time
Half square thru then a dosado
Touch 1/4 now, walk & dodge my friend
Partner trade and do the right & left thru
Pass the ocean now, recycle round you go
Swing the corner girl and promenade
See, see, see, see, see, see the moon up above
And when I fall, I think I fall for you

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