Johnny Will
Pat Boone 1961
  (Lore 1162)   Harold Bausch


Four little ladies promenade the inside ring
Home you go and box the gnat and then you swing
Promenade go single file the ladies lead the way
You move along then all backtrack, hear me say
Gents star right, the girls step out and there you stand
Pass your partner, with your corner allemande
Docey partner, take the corner, promenade this Jill
If you don't take her home and swing, Johnny will
Oh that Johnny! Johnny will

BREAK    Basic, R-H lady progression

Heads square thru now, you surely know how
With the side couples do the right & left thru
Dive thru and square thru 3/4 round do
Left allemande that corner lady, box the gnat your lovin' baby

(SEQUENCE: Figure, Break, Figure, Break, Figure, Break, Figure - Break is not
repeated on the fourth time through)


Johnny will, Johnny will

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