Four Leaf Clover
Art Mooney (1948) 1927
  (Lore 1151)   Harold Bausch


All around the left hand lady, seesaw your own
Men star by the right hand, it's once around you roam
Do an allemande left and allemande thar, forward two and star
Men back in a right hand in, you got a back up star
Slip the clutch, skip one girl, corner allemande
Dosado your lady, well promenade that land
Oh, I'm looking over, a four leaf clover
The one I overlooked before

FIGURE    C4, corner progression

Well one and three you curlique, walk and dodge my friend
Circle up four make a line, face to the middle and then
Curlique and keep it straight, transfer the column
Move up make two waves, centers trade and then
Boys run you make two lines, pass thru again
Bend the line and star thru, pass thru and swing
Oh promenade in clover, she keeps getting bolder
The one I overlooked before


Bow to the partners and corners all, that's it, that's all.. Keeno

(Transfer the Column: From right hand columns of four facing
opposite directions. The lead two of each column, single file
promenade to the right around the square and quarter right as
trailing two of each column, single file circulate one position
and right arm turn adjacent dancer 3/4, then step straight
out to form right hand waves with promenaders.)

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