Go Hide John
Woodrow Wilson "Red" Sovine 1972
  (Lore 1143)   Don Whitaker


Four ladies promenade, go walking around the ring
Come on home and swing your man around
Join up hands and circle, go walking round you know
Left allemande your corner, weave the ring
Might as well tell him, hell waits on an airplane
Dosado this girl and promenade
Upon my word, the next big bird his troubles comes to Houston
I thought I'd call and tell you go hide John


1 & 3 flutter wheel go walking around the ring
Square thru 4 hands around you go
Circle up four with the outside two, bust out and make a line
Curlique, all eight circulate
Right hand star, turn it half, boys turn back and swing
Swing this girl around and promenade
You thought the war and all its fires would kill me in the jungle
Hey, I'm alive, it's time to go hide John

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