Kids Say The Darndest Things
  (Jay-Bar-Kay 150)   Red Bates


Circle left
Kids say the darndest things
Have you ever listened to the games they play
Or the little songs they sing?

Walk around your corner, turn a left hand round your own
Men star by the ole right hand, once around you roam
Left allemande, oh, weave the ring
Gonna meet your gal with a dosado, promenade that ring
*Last night, dressed up in high-heeled shoes and wearing my old hat
My four year old said "I want a divorce"
Now where did she hear that?

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Oh heads star thru, pass thru, then circle up 4
Head men break and make a line,
Go forward up and back once more
Slide thru, pass to the center, swing thru you do
Turn thru, left allemande and weave the ring you do
Well, kids say the darndest things
Meet your gal with a dosado, promenade that ring
I'll bet my daddy can whip your daddy
But Daddy's never home
And I think Mom worries 'bout him, she cried all night long


*Last night as I watched TV, one rushed through the door
Mommy, Daddy's telling someone on the phone
"Don't you call me here, no more"

*You never know what they learn at school
Or what they're thinking of
My first grader just said a four-letter word
And it sure wasn't "love"

Our record has the number JK-150 clearly marked on the vocal side, whereas the instrumental side shows JK-603.

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