Start All Over Again
  (Silver Eagle 303)   Lynn Mansell


Four ladies promenade, go once inside the ring
Get back home and box the gnat, and give your man a swing
Join your hands and circle left, go walking around the set
Allemande left with the corner girl and weave around the ring
Gonna start all over again, so the night will never end
Dosado with the partner boys, then promenade that ring
We're gonna start all over again, gonna touch each other and then
We're gonna take our time and drink a little wine
And start all over again

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads (sides) you flutter wheel, go full around and then (backaway)
2 & 4 (1 & 3) lead to the right, circle to a line
Move up to the middle and back
Two ladies chain across tonight
Turn that girl and pass thru
Boys run to the right, scoot back and go
Swing that corner you know
Left allemande new corner girl, come back and promenade
We're gonna start all over again
We're gonna play till we just can't win
We're gonna do it all night, till we get it right
And then start all over again

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