Greyhound Blues
  (Lore 1129)   Don Whitaker


Hey join hands and circle go walking round the ring
Left allemande, turn thru
Four ladies promenade go inside of the ring
Turn thru and go left allemande, weave the ring
I'm a waitin' on a grey dog for my one and only love
Lonesome one is me or reckon I'd shave

The drivers think I work here
The winos think I'm stealing their booze
I've got the lowdown, southbound Greyhound blues

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Why don't the head two couples right & left thru
Turn that girl and then roll away and then turn thru
Separate around one make a line of four you go
Hey star thru, then do the double pass thru, cloverleaf
Why don't those centers square thru 3 hands around and swing
Swing that corner girl and promenade
All the buses I met from New York count 102
I've got the lowdown, southbound Greyhound blues

Opener has a bad use of Turn Thru... better to say "Turn Partner Right"

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