Basin Street Blues
Louis Armstrong (1928) 1926
  (Lore 1127)   Jack Cloe

OPENER - MIDDLE BREAK (no closer)    Basic

Well you circle left with me
Down the Mississippi
Allemande your corner and you dosado
Four ladies promenade, two times around you go
Well twice around the ring now
Everybody swing now
Promenade your baby to the land of dreams
To a street they call Basin, down in New Orleans

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

Well the heads square thru 4 hands you go
You dosado well one time you know
Swing thru, the boys will trade
Box the gnat, a right & left thru turn that maid
You dive thru, square thru 3/4 round
You swing the corner, promenade on down
You promenade with your cajun queen
Floatin' down the river down to New Orleans

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