Adios Amigo
Bobby Vinton; Marty Robbins 1975
  (Kalox 1207)   C.O. Guest


Circle left
Adios amigo, until tomorrow
We're gonna dance the night away

Allemande your corner, doci your partner
The men star right one time
To the corner lady, left allemande and then
Swing your own and promenade
Adios amigo, hasta la vista
And we're gonna dance the night away

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads promenade and go just halfway
Down the middle right & left thru
Square thru and count me four hands
Meet the sides and swing thru
And now you scoot back and then recycle
To the corner, swing the girl, promenade
While the guitar plays a haunting melody
A haunting melody of love

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