Battle Cry Of Freedom
Ry Cooder; many others 1862
  (Hi Hat 390)   Red Bates


Allemande left, a grand sashay,
Dosado gonna hear me say right hand pull by,
and See saw the next a left hand pull on by,
then dosado the next right hand pull by,
then you see saw the next left hand pull by,
dosado around your own
Left allemande your corner and promenade her home
Promenade go two by two, for the old red, white and blue
Dancin' to the Battle Cry of Freedom

FIGURE    C4, corner progression

1 & 3 go right & left thru, turn a girl, star thru
Pass thru, dosado to an ocean wave you do
Now balance up and back, swing thru along the track
The boys run, couples hinge and trade you do
In the middle, pass thru, the corner lady swing
Left allemande new corner, promenade the ring
Promenade go round the bend and we'll all square up again
Dancin' to the Battle Cry of Freedom

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