You're The One
The Oak Ridge Boys; Glen Campbell; others 1977
  (D & R 111)   Ron Hunter


Join all your hands, circle left around you go
Reverse trail along in single file
Boys roll left inside the ring
Backtrack one around I sing
Allemande left that corner lady, weave awhile
Wind it in and out you go, til you meet your lady fair
Dosado this girl round and promenade
*You're the one in a million, you're the one, you're the one
And as long as I have you, I've got it made

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

Now these heads pass thru, partner trade and boys lead
Reverse flutter wheel, sweep 1/4 round you go
Then you do the right & left thru, turn the girl around and zoom
Centers pass thru and do a dosado
Well you swing thru and then, gonna swing thru again
Now you swing the nearest lady, promenade
You're the one in a million, you're the one, you're the one
You're the one in a million for me


*I look back when times were bad, you're the best thing that I've had
You're the best thing ever happened to me

*I remember times gone by, when we laughed and when we cried
Honey, you're the best of all my memories

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