Running Bear
Johnny Preston; Sonny James 1958
  (Grenn 12230)   Dick Jones

FIGURE (four times)    Basic, corner progression

Four ladies chain across the river
Chain them back, and roll away
Heads go forward up and back and then you star thru
Outside two dive thru, pass thru and dosado
Same four circle 1/2 and then you dive thru
Square thru, sides divide star thru, and when you do
Meet that two dosado and then you circle
Half way and then dive thru, box the gnat
Pull 'em thru, swing and whirl your corner
Left allemande and promenade
*You promenade the ring with the pretty little thing
You're big Chief Running Bear


*You paddle down the stream with your pretty Indian queen

*As shelter from the wind, he wears his old bear skin
They call him Running Bear

Was Top 25084.

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