Paralyze My Mind   (Square Tunes 142)   Bob Dubree

Dosado the corner girl, see saw your taw
Join hands, circle left go round the hall
Left allemande the corner, go forward two and then
Turn back one and then box the gnat, change hands
Dopaso, partner left and corner by the right
It's partner left and roll promenade the line
Each mile down this road takes me nearer
To the gal that's gonna paralyze my mind

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads (sides) turn thru then cloverleaf
Side (head) pair do the right & left thru
Rollaway, pass thru and box the gnat
Square thru four hands around will do
Swing the corner girl and go left allemande
Come back and promenade go down the line
*The way a woman looks is only one test
And in other ways she can paralyze my mind


*I can't wait to see the bright lights of the city
And the gal that's gonna paralyze my mind


Come on woman and paralyze my mind

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