Mansion In The Sky
Jimmie Davis 1959
  (Quadrille 932)   Shane Greer


4 ladies promenade go inside the ring
Come on back and swing around and then
Join all your hands and circle left go walkin'
Do an allemande left and weave the ring
Don't be grievin, because I'm leavin'
Swing a lady & promenade the ring
There'll be no weepin', to where I'm goin'
To my mansion up in the sky

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads square thru, go 4 hands
Then you make a right hand star
The heads star left, (back to your corner)
Touch 1/4, scoot back, and boys run right
Square thru 3 hands around & then
Swing those corner girls and promenade.
There'll be no weepin' to where I'm goin'
To my Mansion up in the sky


Allemande left & swing
To my Mansion up in the sky

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