I Got Mexico
Eddie Raven 1984
  (Red Boot 2994)   Johnny Jones


Four ladies chain across that ring and then
You roll-away, circle left and go
Those ladies roll-away and circle left and then
Left allemande and you weave the ring
I'm eating right and I'm living good
Swing that girl and promenade, you should
I should have left a long time ago
Who needs you, I got Mexico

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads square thru four hands I say
Dosado, make an ocean wave
Ladies trade, ladies run, tag the line
Face to the right, ferris wheel in time
Pass thru, swing thru, boys trade
Swing that corner then you all promenade
I lost you a long time ago
He's got you, I got Mexico


He's got you, I got Mexico

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