Put It There   (Silver Sounds 241)   Jack O'Leary, Corben Geis

Sides face grand square
*Give me your hand, I'd like to shake it
I want to show you I'm your friend
You'll understand if I can make it clear
That's all that matters in the end

Circle left
Put it there if it weighs a ton
Left allemande your corner girl and promenade her, son
I don't care, if it weighs a ton,
As long as you and I are here put it there


*If there's a fight I'd like to fix it
I hate to see things go so wrong
The darkest night hanged over fixed emotions
It's getting late, sing a song

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads (sides) square thru 4 hands you do,
Find that corner, put it there and do the right & left thru
Veer to the left and ferris wheel now
Centers put it there then do the right & left thru
Slide thru, square thru two now
Put it there, shake that corner's hand and promenade the ring
I don't care if it weighs a ton
As long as you and I are here put it there

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