Silver Dew
Bob Wills 1945
  (Bogan 1145)   Tommy White


Walk around your corner, then you docey round your own
Swing that corner lady round and round
Join up hands and circle, all four couples half sashay
Swing your own and promenade I say
1 & 3 wheel around, left square thru
Allemande left the corner girl, when you get through
Promenade your own so sweet, then you swing her round so neat
Yes, you swing on the blue grass tonight

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

2 & 4 you promenade halfway around the town
1 & 3 square thru 3/4 round
Separate around one (into the middle), square thru 3/4 son
Pull 3 hands by, and then left allemande
Well you swing on the blue grass tonight
Promenade but you don't stop tonight
Gents roll back just one you see, promenade this girl for me
Now you swing on the blue grass tonight

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