Everywhere You Go   (Bee Sharp 108)   John Eubanks

Four ladies chain, you go straight across that ring
Hey, rollaway and circle left, move it around that way
Four ladies rollaway, you circle round that way and
Do a left allemande the corner, weave around that ring
Well wind it in and out around and when you meet this maid
Then dosado this lady, take her hand and promenade
She's gonna follow you tonight
Hey everywhere you go

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Well now the heads square thru four hands around let's go
Hey find the corner lady, dosado around you know
Now swing thru tonight, then boys run to the right
Now tag the line, turn it right, then wheel & deal
Now turn thru and then, brand new corner allemande
Hey come back one and swing your baby, promenade that ring
And maybe she's gonna follow you tonight
Hey everywhere you go

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