Paddlin' Madelin
Authentic Band Organ; The Charleston Chasers; Cliff "Ukelele Ike" Edwards; others 1925
  (Hi Hat 377)   Bill Peterson


Four ladies promenade inside the ring
Go back home and you swing, yes you swing
Join hands and you circle, travel some more
Left allemande and you weave round the floor
Go in and out, then when you meet
Dosado, promenade your sweet
Oh, she never says no, so hug her and go
Paddlin' Madelin home

FIGURE    Mainstream, R-H lady progression

Now the heads promenade just half the square
You can star thru and dosado there
Now swing thru I say, the boys trade and then
You turn thru that way, then go left allemande
Now all dosado with your maid
Pass her by, swing the next, promenade
Now you paddle back home to a spot all alone
Paddlin' Madelin home


Paddlin' Madelin, sweet, sweet Madelin
Paddlin' Madelin home

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