Mr. In-Between
Burl Ives 1962
  (Prairie 1004)   Al Horn


Let's join 8 hands and circle to the left around you go
Allemande your corner, turn your own a right elbow
The men star left, once around the ring
Star promenade your queen
Girls backtrack, go right & left grand
Hand over hand, until you find your man
You promenade around with the man that you found
Yes, promenade with Mr. In-Between

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

Four ladies chain, you turn the girl that way
Heads go up and back, and then you whirlaway
Star thru (keep your arch), dive thru, circle half
Pass thru, round one and make a line, up and back
Box the gnat you do, go right & left thru
Turn your girl, circle eight around the ring you do
Allemande your corner, swing your own around so keen
Then promenade with Mr. In-Between
Girls backtrack, turn 'em right hand round
Allemande your corner, promenade
Walk on home with Mr. In-Between


You swing with Mr. In-Between

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