Good Woman Blues
Mel Tillis 1976
  (Circle D 207)   Ralph Thrift


Four ladies chain, chain the ladies and then
Roll away and circle to the left around I sing
Four ladies roll away, circle and then
Left allemande the corner, weave around the ring
Wing in and out around until you meet your own
Dosado that lady, promenade her home
*I'll keep a walking these traveling shoes
Always singing them good woman blues

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Head two square thru 4 hands you go
Round that corner lady do a dosado
Swing thru two by two, boys run right and then
Tag that line, face to the right and then wheel & deal
Turn thru to the corner, go left allemande
Swing your lady round, promenade the land
*I kiss a different woman at the fall of each dew
Always singing them good woman blues


*I strike like lightning, bringing good news

*All my life I've rambled around


Always singing them good woman blues

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