All Night Long
  (Bel Mar 5020)   Bob Graham


Well bow to your partner and your corner all
Gonna circle to the left you know
Walk all around that corner girl
See saw the one you know
Gents star right in the middle of the floor
Go all the way round you know
Then allemande left that corner girl
Come back and dosado
Then promenade don't slow down
Well 1 & 3 you wheel around, let's do a right & left thru
Well turn your girl gonna star thru
Go right & left thru once more
Then square thru 3/4 round
Your corners allemande
Come back now and promenade
Well promenade home and sing
All night long, all night long

FIGURE (four times in a row)    A1, corner progression

Now the head two ladies chain across and couples 1 & 3
Gonna square thru 4 hands around, 4 hands around for me
Now face the sides and star thru, go right & left thru you go
Now turn the girls, two ladies chain and turn 'em around you do
Cross trail back, left allemande and promenade
Well promenade don't slow down and couples 1 & 3 gonna wheel around
Go right & left thru and turn 'em on around you do
Well cross trail back, left allemande, your partner dosado
Well box the flea with the corner girl, gonna promenade home and sing
All night long, all night long


Well swing her now all night long

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