California Here I Come
Al Jolson 1924
  (Hi Hat 5095)   The Hi Hat Pioneers


Circle to the left
California here we come
Right back where it all started from

Four ladies chain, go cross that old floor
You chain 'em back, turn your girl and then no more
Left allemande, weave around in time
Dosado out in Anaheim
Come on out with your mate
To the National in eighty-eight

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads square thru four hands in time
Dosado with the sides so fine
Eight chain thru, (go walkin' the floor)
(So fine) (hand in hand) (keep up with the pace)
* We've got fashion shows, fancy clothes
Everything and so much more

Swing your corner twice around and then
Left allemande, promenade her again
We'd love to have you, so come on in
California here we come


* We've got panels, clinics, workshops too
Everything in Anaheim

* We've got an afterparty, for our friends at Disneyland

* For your R.V.'s we've got plenty of space


California here we come

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