Kissing In The Backrow   (Snow 1004)   Tommy P. Larsen

Heads face, grand square
Your momma says that through the week
You can't go out with me
But when the weekend comes around
She knows where we will be


Head ladies center tea-cup chain
Kissin' in the back-row of the movies on a Saturday night, with you
Holding hands together you and I, holding hands together, oh yeah

Allemande left and weave
Smooching in the back-row of the movies on a Saturday night with you
We could stay forever, you and I
We could stay forever, oh yeah

FIGURE    Plus, corner progression

The heads square thru go four
'Round the corner dosado
You swing thru, girls fold, peel the top
Boys move up slide thru, touch 1/4
Follow your neighbor, half spread
Swing her and promenade back home again now
But when the weekend comes, she knows where we will be


Four boys promenade
Woah woah, hugging and a kissin'
In the back-row, of the movies

Swing that girl around
Hugging and a kissin' in the back-row, of the moo-hoo-vies

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