Living On Easy Street
George Jones 1968
  (Brahma 104)   James Maxey


Circle left
We're living on easy street with a dog and a Persian cat
We're living on easy street, we don't need this or that

Walk out around that corner, turn partner left at home
Four men star right it's once inside you roam
Meet your partner, pass her by, corner allemande
Come on back and promenade go moving around that land
Well the bills are gonna be due and the baby will soon be, too
But we get our welfare check next week
We're living on easy street

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

1 & 3 (2 & 4) you square thru four hands around that ring
Dosado the outside two, make an ocean wave and then
Swing thru two by two and boys are gonna trade
Boys run right and bend that line then do a right & left thru
Ladies lead dixie style get that ocean wave
Men cross fold, swing and promenade
*Well the old ice box is empty
And the cupboard is bare and clean
We don't have a pot, we don't have a dime
But we're fulfilling our dream


*In a two room shack, on a twenty foot lot
The way we live, it's the perfect spot
We're living on love and it sure is cheap
We're living on easy street


Hey, I got my welfare check this week
I'm living on easy street

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