I May Be Used
Waylon Jennings 1984
  (Red Boot 2995)   Mike Hoose


Sides face grand square
*Well I look a little rough and I've got a few miles on me
My body needs work and my style ain't what it used to be

Circle left
Oh and honey I'll admit that there's places where I'm wearing thin
Left allemande promenade
But I ain't broke down, I'm just gettin' broke in


*I've been wrecked a few times and honey it shows I guess
And there's been once or twice that you could say that I was repossessed

There's just one little thing that I think out to be understood
It ain't what you've got, it's what you got under your hood

FIGURE (twice for heads, twice for sides)    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads you promenade go halfway around
Walk in a right and left thru
Square thru and you go four hands around you know
Dosado that corner girl you do
Swing thru two by two, the boys you trade, turn thru
Left allemande and then you promenade
I said I may be used, but baby I ain't used up


Said I may be used, but baby I ain't used up

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