Hometown Honeymoon   (Snow 707)   Maarten Weijers
OPENER    Basic

Four ladies chain straight across that old ring
Rollaway and oh you circle I sing
Four ladies rollaway, circle to the left and you go
Do an allemande left and weave the ring
Have a hometown honeymoon
Swing your girl and promenade her back too
We'll have a hometown honeymoon
Just me and you

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads square thru four
Dosado your corner one time and go
Swing thru and then, boy run right
Tag the line all the way through and cloverleaf
Square thru and get me 3 hands round
Swing your corner, promenade her back, too
We'll have a hoedown afternoon
Dancing to the rhythm of love


Swing your partner
Hometown honeymoon
Dancing to the rhythm, the rhythm of love

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