(Cascade 1002)   Bill Peterson


Bow to your partner, corners all, allemande left your corner
All eight spin the top (girl star, men move up)
All eight spin it again (men star, girls move up)
Turn thru with your partner, allemande left the corner
Come back and promenade


Heads touch 1/4, walk & dodge, circle to a line, load the boat
Swing thru, centers run, new centers trade, bend the line
Pass thru, wheel & deal, double pass thru, track 2, swing thru
Centers run, couples circulate, bend the line, ends load the boat
Centers step to a wave, spin the top, extend, recycle, allemande left


Sides square thru four, pass the ocean, extend, swing thru
Ends circulate, centers trade, boys run, bend line, touch 1/4
All 8 circulate, boys run, spin chain the gears, girls trade, recycle
Veer left, ferris wheel, centers right & left thru, swing thru
Boys run, half tag to the left, allemande left


Allemande left corner, all eight spin the top, all eight spin it again
Turn thru with partner, allemande left corner, grand right and left
Meet and promenade home

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