Harper Valley P. T. A.
Tom T. Hall; Jeannie C. Riley; Dolly Parton 1967
  (Jay-Bar-Kay 106)   John Hendron


Join up hands and circle left
Around the ring you go and then
Left allemande that corner girl, come back, dosado
The men star left, my friend
Go once around, turn partner right
Left allemande, then promenade
*And she said "Mama got a note here from the
Harper Valley P.T.A."

FIGURE (twice for heads, twice for sides)    Mainstream, corner progression

Well now the heads (sides) go up and dosado
Go once around, square thru now
Go four hands around, dosado
Then do an eight chain thru
**And Mrs. Johnson, it's reported you've been drinking
And a-running wild they say

Corner swing and promenade
And it was signed by the secretary
Harper Valley P.T.A.


**And they were surprised when Mrs. Johnson
Wore her mini skirt into the room

Corner swing and promenade
She said "I'd like to address this meeting of the
Harper Valley P.T.A."

**Mr. Baker can you tell us why your secretary
Had to leave this town?

Corner swing and promenade
And shouldn't widow Jones be told to keep her
Window shades all pulled completely down?

**And Mr. Harper couldn't be here for he
Stayed too long at Kelley's bar again

Corner swing and promenade
And if you smell Shirley Thompson's breath
You'll find she had a little nip of gin

*The day my mama socked it to the
Harper Valley P.T.A.


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