Jimmie Rodgers 1957
  (Quadrille 849)   Bob Huff

OPENER - MIDDLE BREAK - CLOSER    Mainstream, R-H lady progression

Circle left
*Well it's a darn good life, but it's kinda funny
How the Lord made the bee and the bee made the honey

Men star right and roll it 'round you go
Left allemande you're going to weave it you know
Wind it in and out around and when you meet your lady
Turn thru, left allemande you promenade your baby
A hank of hair and a piece of bone
Made a walkin', talkin' Honeycomb


*Well the Lord said now that I've made a bee
I'm gonna look around for a big old tree

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Head two you square thru, four hands you go now
Dosado the corner one time you know
Swing thru and now the boys run right
You ferris wheel, now the centers pass thru
You touch 1/4 there, you scoot back two times you go now
Swing your corner, promenade you know
It's a darn good life when you got a wife
Like Honeycomb


Swing Honeycomb

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