Señor Santa Claus   (Square Tunes 154)   Mike Trombly

Four little ladies chain turn the girl and then
Join hands and circle, circle left around the ring
Roll those girls half sashay, circle left that way
Roll those girls half sashay, circle left I sing
Allemande with old left hand, weave around the ring
In and out and in you go, dosado and promenade
Dear Señor Santa Claus, I think me understand
Sometime the toys all gone, before you reach the Rio Grande

FIGURE    Basic, R-H lady progression

Heads (sides) flutter wheel straight across that ring
Sweep 1/4, pass thru, right & left thru I sing
Turn those girls and star thru, flutter wheel again
When you're through, you sweep 1/4, dive thru and then
Partner trade, left allemande, walk right by your own
Swing the right hand lady and promenade her home
So please Señor Santa Claus, this Christmas be so grand
If I get Peso to buy a ring, for my Lolitta's hand

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