Whose Heart Are You Breaking Now
Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys; Ray Price 1942
  (Lore 1020)   Tommy White


Allemande your corner, grand old right and left you go
When you meet with this girl dosado
Swing her round and round and you promenade the town
Promenade boys, but don't you slow down
1 & 3 you wheel around, docey the one you've found
Star thru, square thru 3/4 round
Allemande your corner, and you promenade your own
Whose heart are you breaking now

FIGURE    C4, corner progression

Head two couples promenade halfway round you go
Right & left thru across and turn you know
Now square thru four hands around, four hands around and then
Square thru the outside two, four hands again
U turn back and star twirl, swing the corner girl
Swing that little girl ad promenade
Promenade the ring, take that girl back home and swing
Whose heart are you breaking now

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