Call Me Up
  (Bel Mar 5011)   Bob Graham


Now sashay round that corner gal
Gonna come back home and swing and whirl
Then allemande left and come on back and you promenade
Promenade around that world
The gents roll back just one girl
Well hurry up boys, well you got a brand new date
Then you back right out and you make a ring
Gonna circle to the left like everything
Girls roll away, a right & left grand you go
Well you meet your partner, gonna dosado
Then swing her there at home
Call me up and I'll go dancing with you

FIGURE    C4, corner progression

Now the 1st and 3rd go up and back
A full square thru around that track
Go all the way round and swing your corner, then promenade
Promenade don't slow down and keep on walking those gals around
While the 1st and 3rd you wheel around, do a right & left thru
Turn your girl, do a dixie chain
Lady go left, the gent go right
Then allemande left and promenade yoiur own
Well promenade around that ring, take her home and swing and sing
Call me up and I'll go dancing with you


Then call me up and I'll go dancing with you

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