Is We Going Somewhere Or Is We Ain't
Roy Clark and Mel Tillis 1986
  (Red Boot 3004)   Don Williamson


Circle left
Is we going somewhere or is we ain't
Walk all around that corner, see saw your own
The men star right, find the corner girl, left allemande
Swing your own and all promenade
Is that the shadow of a golden goose
Or just a buzzard's wing

FIGURE (twice for heads, twice for sides)    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads square thru, 4 hands around you go, dosado
*Swing thru and then, boys run right, bend the line
*Right & left thru
You flutter wheel across the floor
Now when you're through, slide thru, swing the corner
Is we going somewhere, or is we ain't


Is we going somewhere, or is we ain't


*Touch 1/4, scoot cross & turn

Scoot cross & turn:
From R-H Mini-Wave Box (Girls as Leaders, Boys as Trailers).
Scoot back, girls pull by on diagonal with right hand, courtesy turn.
Ends in Facing Couples.

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