Honey Comb   (Windsor 4915)   Andy Petrere

Join hands circle to the left go walkin' round the set
Do an allemande left with your left hand and you weave around the land
Go in and out around you go, gonna meet a little girl do a dosado
Once around the girl and then, men star left you know
Once around the ring you go, turn a right hand round that partner Joe
You do an allemande left with your left hand, promenade go round the
Oh honeycomb be my baby, oh honeycomb be my own
*Hey swing and whirl that pretty little girl, that's honeycomb

FIGURE    Basic, no progression

Four ladies chain that town, turn the girl with an arm around
1 & 3 (2 & 4) square thru four hands around you do
Gonna get to the corner dosado all the way around to a wave you know
All eight circulate, swing that corner round
Allemande left new corner, come back a dosado
Promenade around that ring, go walking round the ring with
Honeycomb won't ya be my baby, oh honeycomb be my own
*Hey swing her neat, she's kinda sweet, like honeycomb


*What a darn good life when you've got a wife like honeycomb

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