Dixie Belle
  (Windsor 4968)   Warren Rowles


Circle left
*I've seen the girls in New York City
Painted up and looking pretty

Left allemande come back, dosado, promenade
Keep walking ...
The girls back track it's one time and then
Box the gnat, pull by, and go left allemande
Come back, promenade back home with Dixie Belle


*I've seen the world and had a good time
Now I miss my Southern Sunshine

*I've seen the girls in lots of places
I've met them all on a friendly basis

FIGURE    C4, corner progression

1 & 3 (2 & 4) star thru, pass thru and then
Circle half to a two faced line and when you're there
Couples circulate, move up, do a wheel & deal
Dive thru, pass thru
Square the barge three hands around,
That corner girl swing now
Left allemande, promenade that old ring now
Promenade back home with Dixie Belle

Music -- https://www.ceder.net/recorddb/viewsingle.php?RecordId=10368